Sentierre Resort

Path Guides are Dedicated to Stimulating New Pathway Experiences

Born to empower Owners and Guests to pursue their interests or Pathways, the Sentierre Path Guides are equal parts friend, facilitator and teacher. By connecting Owners and Guests to opportunities that might otherwise go unrealized, Sentierre Path Guides specialize in crafting interactive life experiences for every member of the family. While adults enjoy everything from spa treaments to cooking lessons, hiking in the red rocks to artistic endeavors, the Children’s Path Guide will help kids to enjoy countless outdoor excursions and hands-on learning experiences. Path Guides can teach the basic elements of sustainability as well as to arrange tickets to runway shows at Fashion Week in New York or Milan.

Far more than a traditional concierge, Sentierre Path Guides inspire you to ignite your creative and adventurous nature and help maximize the luxury of a passion well pursued. All year round, even when Owners and Guests are not in residence, Path Guides become your connection to the Sentierre Community.

West wall ridgeline at Sentierre ResortYoga at Sentierre ResortView of West Wall at sunrise at Sentierre Resort