Sentierre Resort

A Resort with a Strong Connection to the Earth

Sentierre Resort will include a signature restaurant, meeting space, an exclusive Owner/Member room, a conservatory, golf, ski or pool club facilities and storage lockers for Sentierre Owner/Members.

It might include a full Sentierre Sanctuary as a destination spa. Consistent with the connection to the earth, Sentierre will be attached to or have a relationship with a large nearby preservation/conservation area, providing interactive learning experiences for Owners, Guests and their children about the principles of true sustainability.

Additional features will include a conservatory, natural light in most bathrooms, a Main Pathway which links all the major components of the property with its indoor and outdoor rooms. Part of this Main Walk will be an Art Walk with places to sit and admire the artist’s work - all Sentierre signature elements differentiating Sentierre from other resorts. Sentierre will be constructed or renovated in accordance with the creative and sustainable Sentierre Design Standards and Guidelines.

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South-East view from Sentierre ResortYoga at Sentierre ResortView of Sentierre Resort Landscape