Sentierre Resort

Special Family & Children’s Programs

Every young child or family receives a toy wagon at check-in for use during their stay. Other chidren’s programs change with the seasons of the year, but they range from:

  1. picking vegetables or herbs from the Sentierre Greenhouse;
  2. a daily children’s cooking class where the child participates in the morning with the chef in some simple prepartion and then actually has the chance to eat the prepared they have picked for dinner or lunch,
  3. create a temporary petrogpyh for display while in residence,
  4. help create a permanent petroglph,
  5. visit the tortoise habitat next to the hotel,
  6. visit some of the local petroglyphs,
  7. learn some basic sustainable economics by setting up a lemonade stand or other goods at the hotel along the Main Walk,
  8. endless number of play groups led by the Children’s Path Guides.

The Teen Path Guide will communicate handout meeting places and times for teenagers and act as support. The adults will have a myriad of Pathways to pursue, including “doing nothing.” Of course, everyone will have a great time in the Sentierre pools.

Flowers at Sentierre ResortPath Guide on Ridge overlooking Sentierre ResortView Sentierre Resort Valley Floor