Sentierre Resort

About Sentierre

Sentierre transcends traditional definitions such as resort, residence, hotel and destination by offering a wider range of these Pathways to stimulate all of the senses. Starting with the Sentierre Resort & Sanctuary in Southern Utah, a visit to Sentierre is all at once introspective, interactive and invigorating. It provides an opportunity to discover one’s personal well-being in one of the world’s most awe-inspiring locations. With a blend of uncompromising comfort, extraordinary unpretentious service and a wide range of creative cuisines, Sentierre fulfills an un-met need in today’s marketplace as an enduring family legacy.

This is all attained through interaction with loved ones in an environment that focuses on family, natural and economic sustainability. It’s a destination where our children can have interactive experiences actually living basic sustainable principles in an inviting, exciting and fun way. In providing this type of interactivity, Sentierre presents a new way to think about and experience true luxury.

Giving People What they Want

Proprietary research has clearly shown there is an opportunity and need for the creation of a new mixed-use hospitality and lifestyle constituency. Over a three year period, researchers visited numerous resorts and iconic hotels in North America as guests. The researchers engaged in “guest to guest” casual conversations, essentially creating surveys and focus groups without the participants realizing that they were being interviewed. Guided specifically by the results of this research, Sentierre provides a seamless vehicle for people to ease their ever persistent guilt of time deficiency. This is accomplished by interaction with family, loved ones and friends while experiencing stimulating common Pathways and experiences.

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Cactus at Sentierre ResortBouldering at Sentierre ResortView of the east wall at sunset at Sentierre Resort